Perfect Hors d'oeuvre

          The most popular way to enjoy pepper jelly is to use as an appetizer. With a simple block of cream cheese placed on a platter, topped with a generous amount of your favorite pepper jelly and served with crackers. You’ll find other cheeses pair nicely with pepper jelly as well. Suggestions include cheddar, smoked gouda, brie, goat and gorgonzola, try any combo. Let us know your favorite! It is such an easy and quick way to indulge in the pepper jelly goodness, especially when unexpected family or guests arrive for a visit.

          What many people are learning is that pepper jelly has so many culinary uses. We use pepper jelly in, on, and around everything that comes out of our kitchen!  It pairs beautifully with meat and fish dishes, vegetable and side dishes. I even use it to make salad dressings and dips! It's uses are endless...


Fresh Ingredients

          Made with garden fresh peppers, ranging from sweet and mild heat to hot and spicy, and other natural ingredients such as pure cane sugar, apple cider vinegar, other wholesome fruits and vegetables, spices & herbs, and pectin giving it a jam or jelly-like consistency. Sourcing, as much as possible, the fruits and vegetables from our backyard, local farmers and small family-owned businesses, helps keep our community thriving.